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Precautions for use

  • ・Do not cast with tangled line or line trouble in the reel. This may cause the rod to break. Furthermore, if you miss or forget to put the line through a guide, this may result in damage or breakage of your rod.
  • ・If you continue to reel in your rig (lure, popper, jig etc) after it has reached the top guide, this will cause the rod to break.
  • ・If you use the rod while the joint section is still loose, this may cause breakage.
  • ・If the joint section is struck together, use a rubber sheet for added grip while twisting away from each other.
  • ・Beware of power cables, overhead power lines or phone lines. The material (carbon) will easily pass through electricity causing serious injury or death.
  • ・If you hear or see lightning approaching while in use, pack the rod away or stay away from the rod. Lightning may strike causing serious injury or death.

Maintenance and storage

  • ・Wash rod with running water to rid of any filth and salt. Then wipe off any excess water.
    If you store your rod without wiping off excess water, this may cause blisters on the blank. Storage in well ventilated are as with no high temperature.
  • ・Please do not leave the rod in your vehicle for long durations in summer. This will cause blisters and warping of the blank.

Contents in this catalog

  • ・Include accurate specifications of rods, written in accordance with the regulations set by the Japanese National Fishing Rod Fair Trade Conference.
  • ・Price and specifications listed on this catalog may be altered without notice.
  • ・The colors presented in the pictures may differ from the actual color. Furthermore, some products are prototype rods in the developmental stage any may differ when it reaches the final product.

Requesting repairs

  • ・Please be aware that personally modified rods will not be covered by warranty (even if it is within the warranty period).
  • ・If you are requesting for repair, please send in the whole rod (not just the section of the breakage).

Repairing and after service

  • ・Please take or send products which is required repairing to sales outlet. At that moment, please send a whole rod (not only the section of the breakage)
  • ・Please be aware that any rod that any rod that was personally modified will not be covered by warranty (Even if it is under warranty)
  • ・Any repairing that we have judge as changed/tampered the specification or made to order is unacceptable.



We thank you for all your patronage on our brands. In responds to that, we have provided you an "International warranty" that insure and secure your rod. And this warranty covers you for the period of 2 years, as a support. Please, check the below details as follows.


You have purchased a precision engineered fishing Rod that entirely produced in Japan to the highest possible standards. When use this fishing Rod properly, it offers you so many years of none trouble, and free service.
Our warranty covers the Blank against breaking in any form for the maximum period of 2 years, from the date purchased.
Therefore, if a breakage occurs, you will be advised to purchase another new Rod at 70% cost of the normal retail standard price of the Rod, in exchange of the breakage one.
Warranty does not cover broken guides, Loosen guide wraps, damaged reel seat, while fishing.
During the period of this warranty, only 1 claim could be accepted per a rod.
And whole broken rod is required to be returned to the retailers’ shop where it was purchased. And the customer will be responsible for any freight charges incurred on the process of replacement of the broken Rod to no other location than to the point of sales retailer shop the buyer bought the particular Rod. That is the normal procedure.

And for a claim request, please, send your broken Rod to any of the Authorized Outlets closed to you and present your warranty Card.

RippleFisher reserves the right to void any warranty if Rods are found to be tampered or modified.

* This warranty is valid for overseas use Only

The "International warranty card" will be attached with the rod which you bought from our "sole agents".
Also, be informed that we do not cover cases concerning any deal with "Japanese warranty card" from Overseas customers.
*Please make sure on any transactions made with any of the Sole agent, that the (purchaser’s name) means you or your company name, the shop name where you bought your rod and the date of purchase must be written in the warranty card.

RippleFisher will not guarantee items purchased if these information are not written on warranty card.

■ Repairs for custom ordered products:

In 2018, Ripplefisher is currently accepting orders for custom colors only. Customers who have previously purchased full custom rods, will continue to be able to repair their rods. We would like to request those who require repairing these custom rods or sections, to inform us of your specific custom order when you purchased the product to prevent any misunderstanding after repair. We will then check with our own records of your custom specifications.

Cautions regarding repairs for custom ordered products

  • ・We can repair damaged guides set to your original specifications, but please note that the thread color may slightly differ. We thank you for your understanding.
  • ・For repairs towards breakage of the blank, we do not stock custom parts around the grip section to suit each individual specifications. The repaired product will be the same as the standard product. Furthermore, for breakage and damage repairs in products with specific guide settings will also be repaired and returned the same as the standard product.
  • ・For repairs of custom colored blanks, we will do our best to replicate the same color as your original custom order. However, with the change in paints and some discontinued colors, your repaired product may slightly differ in color. Your understanding is truly appreciated.
  • ・Repairs for custom colors will take longer than repairs for standard products.
  • ・We do not accept any new custom changes during the repair of your custom rods.
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