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RippleFisher Ventilation Hat

2024 NEW

The RF Ventilation Hat boasts a simple design with an original leather tag and is available in three colors.

Color: Black/Charcoal Grey/Navy, Size: One-size-fits-all, Material: Outer Fabric – 100% Nylon, Inner Fabric – 100% Polyester
Inner diameter: approx. 60cm


● Utilizing the waterproof and breathable material ‘DELFY,’ the hat provides excellent water repellency and high breathability, preventing moisture build-up inside. The hat also features ventilation functions for enhanced comfort during wear.



● The hat’s brim is customizable, allowing you to shape it as you like. The essential chin strap for windy days is detachable, providing flexibility for personal adjustments.

● Even on sunny days, the hat effectively shields against sunlight, and its breathability ensures comfort during extended fishing sessions, making it a recommended choice for both shore and offshore activities.

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