Ripple Fisher リップルフィッシャー




A landing shaft was developed for landing tuna and large blue runners that are difficult to catch with a landing net.
The shaft part is formed from a very lightweight and high-strength carbon blank to reduce the weight of the main body and achieve reliable gaffing even on unstable boats.
Although it is assumed to be used from a boat, it can also be used for landing large fish from the shore where the footing is low.


Shaft dimension: about 1025mm
Own weight: about 373g
Target fish: Large blue runners, tunas
Screw standard: Wit W1/2
*Gaff is not included. Sold as a shaft.



<Specification details>
●It is designed to prevent slipping even when it gets wet with unevenness between the matte rubber tube and the carbon shaft.


●Equipped with rope fittings as standard to prevent falling into the water. (Please attach a rope so it can be recovered even if it falls into the water.)


●For painting, we use highly durable paint that is resistant to UV rays, infrared rays, rain, seawater, etc.., which is also used for cars.
●SUS316L is used for the receiving fittings, giving it sufficient strength to withstand rugged use.


●RippleFisher logo sticker


<Precautions for use>
●This product is strong enough to lift or release tuna up to about 100kg vertically.
For larger fish, please use a landing combined with a harpoon, or use a ladder step, etc., to raise the fish from the transom hatch (a door that allows large fish to enter the ship).

●Avoid using the principle of leverage on the side of a boat and lifting it using the principle of leverage, as this may lead to damage.

●It is extremely dangerous to take in and release tuna weighing 100kg or more. Therefore, please do it with someone who is used to it.

●This product does not come with a gaff. Sold as a shaft.

●It cannot be used together with the “extension shaft for multi-shaft” due to the strength of the joint.

●We do not customize this product.

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