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RippleFisher Color Custom

Ripple Fisher's products can be ordered in custom colors, except for some limited edition products.
The custom options are limited to “the blank color”, “the thread pin color” and “the thread set color”. Please choose the color
options below for you custom color.
*Please note that we do not accept custom request to change grip or guide options.

About Blanks Color

You can order color customization either whole blanks (from butt to top guide) or butt section only(range of model logo). Please select color from the chart.
If you customize butt section only, rest of blanks of it will be finished in original color.
The prices will differ from the standard colors (01~08) to the “Maziora” color (09~11).

※You can only select one color. We cannot accept requests for gradation, matt finish or changes between two colors.
※If you choose the 08 (silver color), the logo print will be black.
※Silver color orders are not accepted for Multi shaft

Blanks Color

About Thread Color

The “thread pin color custom” designs will comply with the original product’s position.
※If two colors are used in the standard product, a single color will be used for the custom color.

※If you order a “thread pin color custom”, the whole rod will be customized with the color you ordered.
※The thread color of the multi shaft cannot be changed.

Thread Pin Color
Thread Set Color

For custom thread set colors, you can choose the thread colors (for guides and butt section) from the following set colors. The set colors comprise of the main color and the sub color. We do not accept requests to change around the main color and sub color.
※Depending on the model of the rod, the color of the thread presented on top will differ if there is a under thread.
Please refer to the sample pictures on the right. (for the heavy game rods, there is a thread underneath the guides. For light to medium game rods, most models do not have this thread underneath the guides.)

※We do not accept requests to change or alter the color of the pin thread.
※The thread color of the multi shaft cannot be changed.

Please send this order form to our authorised dealers after filling out.

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