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【English】2023 New models information ~RunnerExceed & Ultimo~

Today, we introduce you to our new products in 2023.

These models were requested by overseas customers and designed many years ago. And finally, we are ready to announce these special models in 2023.
Now let’s take a quick look at the new models.

●RunnerExceed FINAL STAND UP 83HH
The 83HH is a special concept model that achieves a high balance between the conflicting elements of lightness and strength, with a short length of 8 feet 3 inches and a blank that has the power of a tough tenacity that makes it easier to bend and put pressure on the fish.

By making its short length, it becomes easier to stably fight with a high load, and it is possible to swing out a large plug lightly and make a full cast with less force. In terms of lure operation, even if you continue to use a high-appeal popper lure for a long time, you can preserve your physical strength and maintain the angler’s potential in case of emergency.


FUJI RV guide & Original front grip


The RunnerExceed FINAL STAND UP 83HH uses an RV guide for the butt guide that improves thread shedding in order to achieve long throw performance with short length.
The front grip is a rubber grip specification with ribbed lines to improve grip and prevent slippage.

■RunnerExceed FINAL STAND UP 83HH
Lure: MAX200g
Line Max: PE8
Drag Max: 10kg/45°
Price: Please contact our authorized dealer


↓NEXT MODEL                                       

The old Ultimo was a GT model that specialized in pencil operation, but the new Ultimo series is a model for both KKINGFISH and GT, which is indispensable for winning large fish with its lightweight, high balance, light cast feel, and strong butt power. We pursued the improvement of “Casting distance”, which is the key to casting game strategies.


●The Ultimo logo has a metallic silver finish, and the model name has a printed under the butt guide and matt finish.
●All model SiC-S titanium frame K + SiC-RV guide specifications achieve the best thread removal.
●A titanium ring with the model name engraved is attached to the bottom of the reel seat.
By inserting a resin ring into the rubber cap of the grip end, it eliminates the stucking of the gimbal belt and the grip end during the fighting, making it smooth to insert and remove from fighting to landing.

■Ultimo 82ML
Lure: Comfort weight 70-120g
Line Max: PE6
Drag Max: 12kg/45°
Price: Please contact our authorized dealer

■Ultimo 83M
Lure: Comfort weight 80-140g
Line Max: PE7
Drag Max: 13kg/45°
Price: Please contact our authorized dealer

■Ultimo 710MH
Lure: Comfort weight 80-160g

Line Max: PE8
Drag Max: 15kg/45°
Price: Please contact our authorized dealer

We hope you guys love those models!!

Our company going to exhibit new models such as RunnerExceed 83HH(Rocky shore model) and Ultimo(Boat Casting) series at the fishing show OSAKA.
So, we explain how to get “Fishing show Osaka” in the next blog.
Please check below if you are interested.
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