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【English】How to application “Special Limited Edition 2023” from overseas

Introducing Ripple Fisher’s special limited edition model for the 2023 Christmas season.
First of all, the 2023 special limited edition of offshore rods will be available in two models from [BIG TUNA 83 JAPAN SP].

■BIG TUNA 83 JAPAN SP 【JAPAN BLUE】2023 Special Edition

An elegant off-white blank finished with fine-particle satin paint,
It has threads that express the color of indigo dyeing, “Japan Blue,” which is considered one of Japan’s traditional beauties.
This piece was created using traditional Japanese dyeing techniques with the hope of resembling “Japan Blue,” which has been loved by everyone since ancient times.

■BIG TUNA 83 JAPAN SP 【SPRING GREEN】2023 Special Edition

“Spring Green” young leaves that overcome the harsh winter and sprout in the beautiful early spring, are full of vitality and enrich the hearts of those who come into contact with them.
The blank is painted with a light gray satin finish to give it a cool finish, emphasizing the refreshing and gorgeous color of “Spring Green” and the strength of a new bud.

■BIG TUNA 83 JAPAN SP 【JAPAN BLUE】-2023 Special Edition-
●Blank color:『Off White』
●Thread color:Under wrap『Blue』・Pin line thread『White』・Over wrap『Dark Navy』
●Grip color:『Navy』

■BIG TUNA 83 JAPAN SP 【SPRING GREEN】-2023 Special Edition-
●Blank color:『Light gray』
●Thread color:Under wrap『Neon Green』・Pin line thread『Gray』・Over wrap『Black』
●Grip color:『Gray』

Rod length : 8ft3in
Section : Grip Joint
Lure : 40~150g
Line : PE 6~8
Action : Regular
Drag : 15kg/45°
Guide : SiC Ocean Guides(Fuji)
Target : Tuna up to 80㎏

The 2023 special edition of Shore Rod is [RunnerExceed 110H Nano PlugModel].

■RunnerExceed 110H Nano PlugModel -2023 Special Edition-

A “dark brown” blank is painted with “bronze” aging paint, and the top is finished with rough, medium-grain satin paint.
Ripple Fisher’s craftsmen apply the aging paint to each piece by hand, so the same paint cannot be applied twice, making each piece one-of-a-kind.
The blank is made with a cork grip and aged paint, creating a vintage atmosphere that is loved by many enthusiasts and is a limited edition model that will never fade, allowing you to enjoy the taste that deepens with use.

●Blank Color: “Dark brown + bronze aging paint”
●Thread color:Under wrap『Gray』・Pin line thread『Black』・Over wrap『Black』
●Spacer:『Blast blasting』

Rod length : 11ft
Section :  Spigot
Lure : Plug 40~130g
Line : PE 4~7
Action : Regular
Drag : 9kg/45°
Guide : SiC-S Titanium frame K guides + SiC Ocean Guides (Fuji)
Target : Blue runner

■Support service

・The three models of the 2023 Special Edition come with one dedicated warranty card.
・We will create a guarantee card based on the information you registered with our authorized dealers.
When applying, please be sure to enter your name and other information correctly.
・When requesting repairs, please be sure to send the warranty card along with the rod to our authorized dealers.
(*Please note that we cannot accept repair requests from anyone other than those who have registered on the warranty card.)
・Disclaimer of repair period: 2 years from the date of purchase

*We have sufficient stock of aftermarket blanks for the three models of the 2023 Special Edition, but quantities are limited. If a product is out of stock, the repair period may be longer than for standard products, or the product may be refused. Please note.


Overseas customers can place an application from our authorized dealers.
*Unable to place an application from our online shop. Our online shop is only working for the domestic market. Hope you understand.

Applications will be accepted from December 5th to December 14th.

The winner will be announced on December 15th.
The result of the selection will be notified by our agency that made the application. (Please note that if you do not contact us, you will not be selected.)
*Orders have not been completed at the application stage.
This is just an application, so please do not misunderstand.
*Authorized distributors in Japan do not carry them.
*Please refrain from applying if you intend to resell.
This product is a special edition for those who are interested in our products as anglers.
*Please refrain from contacting us directly regarding the lottery results.
*Please note that depending on your region, it may not arrive within this year.

【Our authorized dealer overseas】


Thank you for viewing the detailed specifications of Ripple Fisher’s 2023 Special Edition.
Whether you’re preparing for a fishing trip at home, fishing, or taking photos with fish, this special model is a little different from standard rods, allowing you to enjoy and be more satisfied with the fishing experience itself. We produce it every year with this in mind.
We hope that when you catch the fish you’ve been chasing or the one that sticks out in your heart on your next fishing trip, you’ll remember Ripple Fisher’s special edition rod along with the fish.

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