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【English】2024 New Tool information ~Grizzle Powered Glove~

We would like to introduce “Grizzle Powered Glove”, an original glove developed in collaboration with a trusted manufacturer that produces gloves for many fire and rescue workers!

【Product Concept】

A glove designed specifically for power games that offer outstanding flexibility, grip, and durability

It’s the perfect match for tough power games like tuna, Kingfish, and GT.
The reason we recommend it for power games is because of the unique fabric it uses.

From here on, we’ll introduce the characteristics of the fabric for each part.


Palm side: Teijin Frontier “Nanofront®”

This synthetic leather is woven from extremely fine fibers with a cross-sectional area that is 7,500 times thinner than human hair, so it is extremely soft and thin and fits snugly in the palm of your hand.

Even after washing or drying after getting wet with seawater, the fabric does not become stiff or uncomfortable.


Palm side: Teijin Frontier “Nanofront®”

Nano-sized bumps on the surface of the fabric generate friction, providing excellent grip.

It provides a stronger grip when wet, and maintains its high grip performance even during heavy use such as casting or fighting in rain, and sweat, even after touching the seawater.

Anti-slip rubber is sewn into the base of the fingers to provide strong support for the gripping force during a fight, achieving the grip that is essential for the big game with two factors.


Palm side: Teijin Frontier “Nanofront®”

In big games like tuna, GT, and Kingfish, gloves must be highly durable to withstand repeated casting, fights under intense loads, and endurance battles that may last for hours.

The Nanofront® fabric used on the entire palm side of the “Grizzle Powered Glove” is highly durable and maintains its grip even during long fights with tuna and the intense loads and friction of hand drag, giving anglers a great advantage.

【Image taken during testing】
Left: Used for GT, Kingfish, and Tuna casting for about 25 fishing trips

Right:Used for GT, Yellowtail, and Tuna casting for about 30 fishing trips

We also conducted durability tests that included hand drags over several 1-2 hour fights.
The anti-slip rubber at the base of the fingers partially melted, but the Nanofront main fabric showed no signs of wear or tear.

The index finger and thumb are reinforced with fabric. This allows for smooth hand drag during fights as well as repeated casting.
The reinforced areas also maintain their flexibility without being stiff, allowing for excellent line handling when using a baitcasting reel.


Back of hand: Cordura 2-Way Stretch Honeycomb®

The back of the hand is made of mesh fabric called “2-way stretch honeycomb®”. Not only does it not restrict the range of motion of your fingers, but it also stretches flexibly in two directions, even when you make a fist, so you don’t feel any pressure.

“2-way Stretch Honeycomb®” is an excellent stretch fabric with properties such as quick-drying, abrasion resistance, cool to the touch, and UV protection.

【Important point】
The design makes use of stretch material to allow smooth movement of the thumb.
When putting the glove on, be sure to pull the reinforcing fabric under the palm to avoid putting too much strain on the stretch fabric at the base of the thumb.


Other features

At the points where the fabric overlaps, we have minimized the discomfort caused by the interference of stitches.
By using small mesh fabric between the nail and the finger, where the stitches are most likely to dig in, and on the side of the index finger where the most reinforced fabric is used, we have reduced the stiffness and discomfort caused by the stitches.

The palm side has air holes to improve drainage and breathability, and one side of the finger has ventilation mesh to reduce stuffiness inside the glove.



M・L・LL・3L(The 3L version will go on sale in January 2025.)


Gray/Black mesh

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【Release date】
(The 3L version will go on sale in January 2025.)

Palm side: Teijin Frontier “Nanofront®”
Back of hand: Cordura “2Way Stretch Honeycomb®”



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