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【English】Land base fishing models~Pe2 to 3 Class~

Edition 1
Explanation on the uses of PE2-3 class rods.

●Why should we use Pe2 to 3 class rods?
Here are some scenarios where a Pe2-3 class rod comes in handy.

Reason 1
An area where catch sizes range up to 5kg and do not require the power of a Pe4 or higher.

Reason 2
There are good sizes of BlueRunner (More than 5kg), however there are cases where they are not enticed by larger lure.

●Advantages of using a Pe2-3 class Rod
・Lightweight (Great for all day casting)
・Easily achieves better distance with a lightweight top plug of 30g while being delicate, versatile, and technical.

Many anglers might have experienced a Blue Runner chasing the bait, but does not react to 16-18 cm top water lure, so anglers would then swap the lure to a smaller jig or minnow which would lead to a hookup.

Blue Runners have a nervous side, and you need to match the situation well to ensure a hookup.
In particular, the larger the BlueRunner, the more sensitive to the range, trace course, and speed.

There is no hard and fast rule to capture BlueRunner, thus having a wider range of options is optimal.
Having a Pe2 ~ 3 class tackle, gives you more options with various actions, and manipulate lures easily.


The following rods are the PE2 – 3 class rods in our lineup.
・Avarice 110H Nano
・MonsterImpact 110HH
・MonsterImpact 101HH Nano
・RunnerExceed 102M Nano PlugModel

Let’s take a look at the comparison tables in our lineup

The characteristics of the rods can be seen from the load comparison table are as follows:
With a load of 500g, the tip section of the Avarice 110H (Referred to as A110H) and the tip section of the Monster Impact 110HH (Referred to as M110HH) is slightly different in bending, but at a load of 3kg, the “A110H” is stiffer in the butt and belly area.

“A110H” has a fast taper that makes it easy to give the lure a fine action,
Additionally, when fighting, it makes it easier to guide the fish by utilizing the tension of the blank.

“M110HH” has a regular taper. It has a blank construction that combines casting action, controllability of the fish, high dimensionality, with hardness and tenacity.

The MonsterImpact 101HH (Referred to as M101HH) and the RunnerExceed 102M (Referred to as R102M) has a low bending fulcrum and mild taper, therefore anglers are able to readily identify the power of the blank, which also greatly reduces the burden on the Angler’s body more effectively.

Under a load of 500g, M101HH is more powerful , but with a 3kg load, the roles are reversed to the 102M. Since the 102M is a Blue-Runner model, the strength of the butt stands out the most.
In short, the 101HH is for sharpness while the 102M is for rod rigidity.

Rod Description
〇 Avarice 110H Nano  【Lure:MAX 50g Line:MAX Pe2.5】
Blackfin seabass is the main target for this rod. Analyzing the comparison table above, the Avarice 110H Nano boasts the strongest in its class butt power among Blackfin seabass rods. Therefore, there is no problem for use with BlueRunner of 5 kg.

The blank of the Avarice 110H Nano has the ability to cast through even in strong headwinds, heavy swells and can deliver pinpoint accuracy. With the strength of the 110H controlling minnows are a breeze, paired with the high sensitivity tip to comfortably handle 9cm/15g class minnows.

The 110H is recommended for fields that mainly use small minnows of about 10g to larger minnows of over 40g.

It is easy to feel the flow and the pressure of the tide, with the Avarice 110H Nano. It sends selective BlueRunner to the bite zone to break the situation.
This is a model that is truly powerful and delicate with an unexpected side.


〇 MonsterImpact 110HH  【Lure:MAX 60g Line:MAX Pe3】
The MonsterImpact 110HH is designed for BlueRunner and Blackfin seabass. It can handle a wide range of minnows of about 15g, as well as diving pencils, and small diameter poppers of 50g-60g. The MonsterImpact 110H is a versatile rod that can handle a bait pattern that changes throughout the day.

The MonsterImpact 110HH was not designed to be forced like playing tug of war with a BlueRunner. However, it has the strength at the butt that firmly stops the run of a BlueRunner and floats it firmly.

The 11ft blank length of the MonsterImpact 110HH makes it possible to extend the cast distance of the lure when there are high footing points and swells, and it is possible to aim at tides and currents in the distance.

The MonsterImpact 110HH has the best balance among the PE2 – PE3 tackles, with no defects such as cast feel, operability, sensitivity, and power. If your style is running around a rocky shore with only one rod, this high-quality rod is for you.

〇 MonsterImpact 101HH Nano 【Lure: MAX 60g Line: MAX PE3】
The MonsterImpact 101HH Nano is also targeted at BlueRunner and Blackfin seabass.
Sharing similar butt power to 110HH, the 10ft length is excellent in maneuverability where you can easily “run and gun”.
By utilizing Nano carbon material for the 101HH, controlling BlueRunner is made easier with a flexible blank which reduces the burden of fighting. In addition, the cast has a firm and sharp feel, further improving swing through.
The highly responsive blank creates sharpness in the movement of the lure and matches quicker styles.
The blank which is Crafted with Nano Carbon material, has a fast recovery speed after bending, it is also suitable for light jigging, and accepts jigs of 20-50g efficiently with a good tempo and a small amount of force.
The Monster Impact 101HH is versatile and can be used by dropping sinking type plugs and jigs to the bottom even when the activity of BlueRunner is low and it does not come out near the surface of the water.


〇 RunnerExceed 102M Nano PlugModel 【Lure: Plug 20~60g Line: Pe1.5~3】

The previous three models are rods in the Blackfin seabass category, while the RunnerExceed 102M Nano is in a light class BlueRunner category. This provides greater stability during fighting and is outstanding when compared against the other 3 models.

The action performance of a diving pencil on the 102M is second to none due to a supple tip that does not easily cause an action error even on the sea surface where waves are high. Usage of a Plug is sustainable.

The RunnerExceed 102M Nano is recommended for those who use a diving pencil of 30-60g as a main, and minnows as a backup
Being equipped with a supple tip that is able to eliminate tip shake, you are able to extend the cast distance the 20g class minnow.
Should you choose to use metal jigs of an average of 60g, casting into a “Boil” which may be positioned some distance away should not be a problem. when the fish are at the bottom, you can cast a maximum of 90g.

We recommended the RunnerExceed 102M Nano to Anglers who don’t want to give the initiative to fish at places where there are drop-offs or rough bottoms.


PE2-3 tackle has many advantages. it boasts overwhelming bite and hit rate compared to heavy tackle.

However, the tackle’s balance is naturally severe because we will challenge with a spec that can be said to be a very light tackle for shore BlueRunner.

An understanding of the blank strength, line strength, drag settings, hook settings, and etc are important. This is to ensure a good hit rate and catch rate.

The one caught by understanding, thinking and practicing these elements is valuable and gives great joy.

How was the first part [Pe2-3 class] edition?

It is difficult to simply compare the performance of different models, but we think that is the fascinating part of fishing.
Each angler has their own style, and their way of thinking is different, even if we are targeting the same fish, there will be endless ways to capture them.
It is best to choose a rod that matches the style of each angler.

As a manufacturer, we are constantly finding new ways to improve so that we can produce very best products to accommodate different styles to suit each customers need .

Till next time for the Pe4-6 class edition!

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