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【English】Information about New Aquila

Several models of Aquila will been added and renewed in the spring of 2019.
Furthermore, it makes it easier to understand the concept by categorizing.

Now we have divided Aquila into 4 category.

From the new design, the notation of rod power will indicate the MAX size of the PE line.


※ST 85-6 has only changed design. Blank are same as Aquila 85H

New●Aquila ST 78-3
Length : 7ft8inch
Line : 30~50g
Lure : MAX PE3

New●Aquila ST 80-4
Length : 8ft
Line : 40~80g
Lure : MAX PE4

●Aquila ST 85-6
Length : 8ft5inch
Line : 40~110g
Lure : MAX PE6


The Aquila MLT 82-2/4 notation on the rod means the tip section is a PE2 class while the butt section is PE4 class.
(82-3/6 means the tip is a PE3 class while the butt is a PE6 class)

New●Aquila MLT 82-2/4
Length : 8ft2inch
Lure : 30~70g
Line : PE2~4

New●Aquila MLT 82-3/6
Length : 8ft2inch
Lure : 40~90g
Line : PE3~6

Tested in Mie Prf. Japan

Tested in Sagami Bay Japan



New●Aquila EX 79-3
Length : 7ft9inch
Line : MAX PE3
Lure : Comfort 40~60g
Close length:847mm

Tested in Indonesia

New●Aquila EX 83-6
Length : 8ft3inch
Line : MAX PE6
Lure : Comfort 60~120g
Close length:905mm

Tested in Tanega Island/Kagoshima Pref. Japan

Tested in Goto/Nagasaki Pref. Japan


※These model has only changed design. Blank are same as Aquila 85H+ and 711HH+

●Aquila MST 85-7+
Length : 8ft5inch
Lure : 40~120g
Line : MAX PE7

●Aquila MST 711-8+
Length : 7ft11inch
Lure:  80~180g
Line : MAX PE8


【Comparison of PE6 class models】

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